In 2011, the Nebraska Interscholastic Cycling Series (NICS) was started by Ryan and Nathan Moseley, both teachers at different Metro Omaha high schools. With the intent to develop student-athletes through cycling, the goal has always been to provide an outlet for students who want to be part of a school-related club but maybe aren’t cut out for ball sports or other mainstream sports. But cycling is also for those students who may also want to stay active in their off-season or use it for cross training purposes.

NICS is inclusive and students do not have to have any racing experience. In fact, racing is not even a requirement. Cycling is a lifelong activity and racing is just one small component. It’s more important that the students learn to love cycling for what it can offer them throughout their life. However, for those student-athletes who wish to try racing, it’s there for them. They may discover they like it!

Contact the league directors for more information on how to join.

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  1. Is Junior varsity for 9 graders for ninth graders do

  2. I live in Southern South Dakota where there are few races could I compete in Nebraska races?

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