NICS Athletes Lining Up at Psycowpath Races

The local USA Cycling mountain bike race series, Psycowpath Racing Series, is midway through its season and many of the junior podiums have been occupied by NICS racers from across the city.

This delights organizers, Ryan and Roxy Feagan, who also help with NICS operations and race day organization. “They’re racing on their own outside of NICS,” says Roxy. “I’m hoping it means these kids are digging the sport! Racing is not the goal for NICS, just to be clear. It is to instill a life-long love for mountain biking. Racing is just one tangent where they can explore the experience of pushing beyond what they think is possible. I’m proud Nebraska has this as an option.”

And the numbers for junior races are steadily rising. At the recent race at Tranquility MTB Park, 18 juniors lined up. Ten years ago, that number was maybe four or five.

Andra from North High tearing up the camel humps!

Many of the Psycowpath courses are longer than the courses used in NICS races, resulting in longer times out on the trail. Whereas an NICS course is around 2-3 miles, a Psycowpath course will be closer to five miles. Seeing these kids racing on courses they don’t practice or race on during the NICS season is a great learning experience. They get to explore a new trail, all-the-while adapt to it in real time. It takes bravery and self-confidence to line up on an unfamiliar trail and ride your heart out.

Congrats to those who lined up! Y’all are winners!

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