As we approach the middle of the summer, we here at NICS HQ are already planning for fall and there are some very important changes to let you all know about so you can plan as well.

Racing will be on SUNDAYS for 2019. There were a lot of kids not able to make race events because of band or other school-related activities like test taking so we’re going to see if a Sunday race day is better. Start times will be early afternoon to minimize overlapping with morning church/religious services.

We have a new venue for 2019. A private owner of a farm that has single track near Bennington wants to host a race. After checking out the course and the venue, we think it will be a great place to race. (Editor’s note. Chalco will not be ready in time to race so we’ll be back at Walnut Creek for race #2).

Registration will open soon for the events. As usual, you’ll sign up for the whole series through your coach and purchase your annual racing license. We will still offer single race sign ups if you know you won’t be able to make the whole season.

Ok, without further ado, here is the 2019 schedule. Tell your friends! Remember, anyone can join. Anyone can coach/mentor. Help us spread the stoke!!

Sep 8NICS #1 Tranquility Park – Omaha
Sep 22NICS #2Walnut Creek SRA – Papillion
Sep 29NICS #3Branched Oak Lake – Raymond, NE
Oct 6NICS #4Camp Calvin Crest – Fremont
Oct 27NICS #5Arkfeld Acres – Bennington
Nov 3Rain out make up weekend
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